Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Grace Charis momentarily puts away her golf club and heads to Coachella. In a new post she shares her favorite music clips and cute outfits with fans. Let’s check them out:

Outfit #1

In her first Coachella look, Grace is wearing a black one piece and leans over toward the camera while looking up and off to the side. The pose accents her hips and chest and she’s playfully biting her lip. Her hair is curled and she’s wearing a choker. 

Outfit #2

In her second look, she’s leaning over again but this time she’s wearing a colorful crochet dress. Her perky chest is exposed and slightly pink from the sun. Grace is rockin’ a cowboy with her hair in pigtails. and she’s grinning while looking off camera. 

Outfit #3

In the last outfit, Grace is standing in the crowd in front of a large green building. She’s looking into the camera with a cute smirk and is holding a pair of white sunglasses. Her flowy top has a slit down the middle so we can see her entire midriff. Gorgeous!