Sun. May 28th, 2023
Grace Charis

Golf sensation Grace Charis has some new IG posts where she tags Tiger Woods, tries a new trick and shares her best hits of Maui.

Ready To Caddie

Grace Charis

Wearing a white jumper that zips down the front, Grace clearly isn’t wearing a bra, as usual! She’s got on a green hat and is holding a golf club with her arms crossed over her chest. She’s smirking while looking off to the side and tags Tiger Woods. She captions the photo “I’m ready to caddie for the Par 3 contest at the masters tomorrow.”

Hitting Two Balls

Grace starts this video by showing us two balls stacked on top of each other on the tee. She says she’s going to attempt to hit them both.  Wearing a pink halter top with no bra on she then leans over,  lines up her shot and takes the hit. One ball goes flying and she catches the other one and giggles. She captions the video ‘this trick has potential.’

Maui Roundup 

In the last clip, Grace puts together a bunch of clips of herself hitting balls on her recent Maui trip. She sends them all flying and since most of the clips are in slow motion we get a good look at her golf balls as she swings! It looks like she got a lot of golfing done on her trip – well done!