Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Ines Trocchia

Ines Trocchia has some new TikTok uploads that have her sharing her opinion on ex-girlfriends, showing off some sexy makeup and recapping a bit of her year so far. Let’s check her out:

All The Girls Before Me

Sitting in a car wearing a blue skirt with white polka dots on it, Ines takes a selfie from an upward angle. She’s slightly smiling and the top has a plunging neckline that reveals she’s not wearing a bra. The text overlaying the video says ‘when he shows me all the girls he was with before me.’ It then cuts to a popular Tiktok clip of a little boy taking a big gulp of a milkshake and then almost puking it up in his mouth. Her point? She doesn’t want to know about anyone but herself! 

Sultry Eyes

The video starts off in black and white and shows Ines close to the camera. The clips transitions to color and we can see that her hair is wet and her eyelids are painted with a purplish eyeshadow. She closes and opens her eyes, showing off her long lashes while also keeping her glossy lips parted. At one point she drastically opens her eyes to look at us and the image shifts back to black and white. She looks absolutely stunning and the way she looks at us is extremely sensual.

Time Flies 

Ines gives us a little flashback to her past as the video starts off with a photo of herself as a little girl in 2000. The clip then changes to multiple images of Ines today; sticking her tongue out wearing a revealing orange bathing suit – modeling a white pants suit with a busty top – and taking a car and bikini selfie. She grew up to be quite the looker and we love that she shares this with us. She captions the video ‘time flies.’