Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Thoe Von

Theo Von is a comedian and podcaster who loves a good laugh. If you’re looking for a quick giggle, check him out: 

Who Am I? 

Theo starts off talking about how he loves to get acquainted with the animals whenever he’s traveling. He says he’ll pick a snail up and put it down a few steps just to save five days of travel. He says that’s just who he is. LOL 


In a hotline sketch, someone calls Theo’s hotline service and says that there’s a kid name James who has autism and wants to sexually assault him. Theo listens thoroughly before saying that everyone has needs and he probably just wants to ‘burp that little nut wand baby.’ Theo sure knows how to push the envelope…

Nicotine Fish

Theo tells the story of how recently at a restaurant a waiter said they had Mahi Mahi. He then goes on a rant about how he’s sick of people saying they have fancy fish (like Barramundi, Butter fish, etc.) and that he’s just looking for regular old fish that people know – like Tuna, Catfish or Trout. He says he doesn’t care how you caught the fancy fish, for example putting nicotine in the water and getting them addicted to it over the years so that they’d be easier to catch, he just wants regular old fish!