Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Tiana drunk.grandpa

Tiana, better known as drunk.grandpa on TikTok is a feisty blonde and a Taurus, but that’s all we know about this entertaining influencer! It’s okay with us is she remains a mystery for now, she has tons of videos! She’s a total chameleon when it comes to changing her look for each video. Here are some of our favorites!

Tiana drunk.grandpa

Farrah Fawcett Vibes

Up first we see Tiana in the perfect 70’s throwback look. Lip syncing to Led Zeppelin, she’s a total shoo-in to be a movie double for Farrah Fawcett with that hair. Her low-rise jeans, and wavy crop-top make us feel like we’re gone back in time. Her mustard corduroy hat totally completes the look.

Back To 2023

After jumping in our time machine, we’re back to current day! The video that Tiana is serving up here is more like what we’re used to seeing on TikTok. A black pleated skirt and a shirt that shows just a tad of tummy is her outfit of choice for this one. Her blonde pigtails are adorable. MORE please!

Blonde Wednesday

Tiana looks like a stunning Wednesday Adams with those ling braids, only blonde! We love the natural background going on in this clip. The wooden fence covered with vines and that slice of blue sky we see at the very beginning make for the perfect backdrop. Tiana lip syncs perfectly, but we’re more focused on her actual lips – so glossy and plump!