Sun. May 28th, 2023

Comical Madi has us in stitches with some funny new TikTok videos where she looks stunning and talks about food, and addresses her imperfect teeth. And, the icing on the cake? She uploaded a racy photo where she’s showing a lot of skin.

Cheesy Beef Burrito

Wearing a low cut dress that completely shows off her round coconuts, Madi is lying down as she slowly sits up and sensually smiles at us. She looks very sexy and playful and the text over the video hilariously says ‘when he comes over with snapple and taco bell.’ She captions the video ‘melt me like a cheesy beef burrito.’

I Love My Teeth

Taking us on her morning routine, Madi is in her red silk pjs with her hair pulled back in a headband as she’s starting to put on her makeup. We can see her cold nips as they poke through and enjoy her funny commentary on how people always ask her to get her teeth done. Her response? ‘I love my teeth, I know they’re not perfect.’ We love her honestly and how she calls out her haters.

It’s Been A Long Day


Wearing absolutely nothing – Madi poses on her bed – smirking a bit at the camera while leaning forward. We can only see the side of her face, her arm (which is covered in tattoos) and her sideboob. She looks divine as she captions the photo ‘It’s been a long day.’