Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Jackie Love

Jackie Love‘s boobs are breaking the internet! This TikTok star has over 2.1M followers, and her videos have over 9.8M likes and counting.

If you like bouncing boobs, this is the woman to follow…

Jackie Love Is Dropping Her ‘Weapons’

This is a trend we’ve all seen on TikTok, but Jackie Love seems to be an expert. This video alone has gained Jackie over 968k views!

She’s casually eating Pringles when you hear a child’s voice say, “Hey Mom, hands up. Drop you weapons.”

Jackie reaches her arms up to the sky, and then proceeds to bounce her ample chest for several seconds before you hear the little boy yell “Ewwww!”

Her low-cut crop top is the perfect size to show maximum cleavage.

Jackie Love Wants To ‘Netflix And Chill’

This seductive slow-mo video has us drooling. The text overlay on the vid says, “When your 18yo stepson comes over for Netflix & chill”

It shows Jackie Love walking down a hallway, bosoms blazing! Her barely there top is wide open, giving a full view over her boobs bouncing in slow motion.

She’s wearing her signature hot teacher glasses, and slowly makes her way to a bed. She does a quick spin before plopping down, causing her puppies to bob up and down in the best way!

Can We Be Your Friend, Jackie Love?

In this third video, Jackie Love appears to be very excited that her husband isn’t home.

She calls this share, “When your sons friends come over when you husband is at work”

Here Jackie is rockin’ the same tiny top as the last video, giving fans full view of her ample chest. She’s opening the front door and proceeds to jump up and down with excitement. Her blouse can barely contain her heavy chest.

Jackie Love is absolutely our new favorite TikTok star. We’ll keep you up to date with all her beautiful, bouncy content. Stay tuned for more boobs!