Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

TikTok star Jackie Love is known for her delightful boob bouncing videos. Her rack has racked up 2.5M followers and 12.4M likes on the platform! The only thing better than bouncing boobs, is DOUBLE the bouncing boobs…and it appears Jackie has a new bosom buddy to do just that with!

Jackie Love Has A New Bosom Buddy

While scrolling through TikTok we came across this account. The well endowed woman goes by the name of Harmony on OnlyFans, but so far that’s all we know about her. We were immediately impressed with the size of her chest, and her bouncing videos instantly reminded us of our favorite bounce pal, Jackie Love!

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Jackie Love Bounces Boobs With Her New Friend

We kept looking through her videos, and we couldn’t believe our eyes! There was Jackie Love! She was actually in the video with our new found friend! Here they are bouncing together, like a dream come true…They’re both in black and tugging at their tops, which can barely hold in their cleavage! They give us a few synchronized bounces of their chests, before flashing big smiles for the camera.

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Jackie Love And Harmony Are Double Trouble

Here we see them in the same outfit. Get ready for more bouncing! They sway back and forth together, giving the camera sultry looks until you hear the chorus hit. “Pra, Pra, Pra! Pra, Pra, Pra!” In unison then drop their weapons to the beat. 

Jackie Love And Harmony Show Us Their Kitties

These blonde “tata twinsies” are shaking their stuff once again, but this time in Hello Kitty bikini tops! They lip sync to the words of “6000 Degrees” and lean towards the camera, sticking their tongues out and saying “aah-aah”. Jackie and Harmony are spilling out of their tops from all sides in this one. 

We can’t wait to see if these two produce more content together! We’re sure fans would love it!