Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Sarah Gallons

Sarah Gallons is a hopping queen who loves to model her twins. While all her videos focus on her bosoms, we can’t complain because she always keeps us coming back for more. Let’s check out her latest videos:

Flying Balloons 

With her long hair in two braids, Sarah’s wearing a black latex dress that looks like it’s painted on. Her massive boobs are on display as she enthusiastically jumps about – sending them flying in all directions. 

Robe to Latex 

Sitting down in a chair with a light blue robe on and nothing underneath, Sarah pulls one side of her robe up – so that we can see her boob lift high up and then naturally fall. She does it to the beat of the music and then BOOM she’s in a black latex dress with her knockers trying to escape! 


With rosy cheeks and her hair in braids, Sarah’s got her chest out again as she bounces her twins while lip-syncing to ‘Me? Obsessed With You?” She captions the video asking fans to comment on what they’re currently obsessed with. Our Answer? Sarah of course!