Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Sofia Blux is well known for her yoga videos on TikTok. She’s garnered over 4.6M likes so far with her eye-opening poses. Or maybe we should say…crotch-opening poses??

Sofia Blux Watches TV With Crotch On Display

Sofia’s first pinned mobile video on the platform sets the tone for her content. The text overlay says this is how she watches tv. Her legs are completely up and over her shoulders, giving the world a full view of her crotch. She playfully keeps her feet up in the air as she grabs the remote to switch channels.

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Sofia Blux Does Yoga For ‘Full Benefits’

In this video, and in most of them, Sofia’s camera is located down by her feet to give fans the best views. She starts off in a bridge position, reaching her pelvis to the sky, and grabs her ankles for a moment. Her brown shorts are barely covering between her legs as she supports her lower back, bringing her knees back towards her head. Sofia’s sweet apple-shaped bottom is the last thing we see before the video cuts off.

Sofia Blux Is Bouncing In Brown

Sofia claims yoga helps heart health, but her yoga videos could be giving fans heart attacks! She starts this one off with two quick heel raises, sending her buns into a bouncing frenzy. She reaches down to the floor, in turn putting her toned glutes and hamstrings on full display. She pulls one leg up and over her body to reveal her classic crotch shot, flashes a huge grin, and sticks her tongue out.

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Sofia Blux Is The Crotch Queen

Rocking the same outfit as the last video, here we see Sofia laying down on her yoga mat. She goes right for the crotch shot by lifting her leg up into the air. She extends it fully before bringing it back behind her blonde, braided pigtails. Her caption on this share talks about flexibility, and that is something she definitely has!