Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Tina Kiss

Tina Kiss has sleeve tattoos, blonde hair and a curvy body to die for! She’s got extremely thick legs with a tiny waist and voluptuous boobs. She has 216.9K TikTok followers, 358K Instagram fans and a dirty OnlyFans account. 

Sheer Glory 

Tina is standing off camera and the only thing we see is her holding up a white dress along with one of her hips that’s slightly in view. It’s evident she’s naked as she holds the dress up and along to the music that says ‘you know what to do with that big fat butt – wiggle wiggle,’ she wiggles the dress and then poof! – she appears wearing it! She looks super sexy thanks to the sheerness of the dress that lets us see all her curves, her thong and white bra. Yummy!

White Lingerie

Wearing a long grey dress and holding up white lingerie, Tina bangs the lingerie on her chest three times to the sound of gunshots. As the gun fires, she bangs it against her and poof! – she’s wearing it! It looks amazing once on – as we can see her wide hips and perky bangers as she stares us down. 

Fishnet Dress

In a short t-shirt, Tina holds up a barely there hot pink dress with holes cut down the center of it. The audio of a man says ‘Yo, what is this?’ as she stretches the dress out. The man continues to talk and then tells her to put it to her body, which she does and then suddenly she’s wearing it. The dress is so revealing – it’s got holes along the hips so we see her bare legs; and the holes down the center to show off her entire stomach and chest. She’s wearing a red bra and the man says ‘what the F.’