Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Too Turnt Tony

Too Turnt Tony is an OF influencer with 19.7 million TikTok followers and 1.3M Instagram fans. He uploads regular content all the time that includes glimpses into his influencer life along with his favorite buddy, his pet duck. Let’s check him out:

Dirty Money 

The video starts off with Tony shirtless in a car, and his duck in the backseat. He says that his first OnlyFans pay check came in and $20,000 of it he’s going to use to pay off his sister’s student loans. Him and his duck then barge into his moms house, open his sister’s room and throw the bag of money at her. She cries and he explains that his ding dong paid for it. The clip ends with his mom yelling at him to use the money to buy his own house. 

Tattooing Todays Catch 

This clip starts off showing Tony walking shirtless down to a river. His pet duck is following. He says he’s going to get a tattoo of whatever he catches. He then casts out a fishing net and struggles to reel something big in. It turns out to be a big bearded man. The clip then shows Tony holding his duck and pondering what just happened before we see him getting a tattoo of the man on his upper leg. 

Behind The Scenes

Tony takes us behind the scenes of a recent video shoot. The clip starts off showing him shirtless (of course) standing by the water. He’s then reading his script and petting his duck. From there he introduces us to some of his co-starts before driving a jet ski over to the island to get ready for his big scene. In his scene he’s dressed up as a bike cop and goes to break up a party. We’d love to see the entire clip!