Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Christy & Carly Connell

Christy & Carly Connell are petite (5’1) cat moms who love working out and modeling for their fans. While a lot of their TikTok videos are dance compilations or workout inspiration, their OnlyFans page gets spicy as they aim to please. Let’s check out their latest updates:

Double Booty Pops 

In booty shorts and matching black tees, Christy & Carly face the camera and do a little synchronized dance. First, they lift their arms, sway back and forth moving their hips and then jump around showing us their booties. From there, they booty pop twice before jumping back around and shaking their hips. 

Bubble Butts

The video starts off with one of the twins shaking her hips. She quickly extends her hand out and invites the second twin to join. Wearing workout shorts and sports bras, the twins booty pop and turn to their side – giving us a complete view of their bubble butts. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s obvious that they love to hit the gym hard! 

Toned Tushies 

The twins have their backs facing us as one of them takes a mirror selfie to show off their incredible round rears. While the girls themselves are tiny, toned and have extremely strong legs, their behinds are popping and super sexy. They caption the video, ‘never skip Mondays.’