Sun. May 28th, 2023
Haley And Hanna Cavinder

Twins and former basketball stars Haley and Hanna Cavinder keep their content coming – even though they’ve recently retired from the game. If you love seeing what these toned hotties are up to, keep scrolling to check out their latest clips:

Bikini Shakes 

The twins are wearing cute flower printed bikinis – one blue and the other one pink – as they dance and lip sync to iCandy ‘keep dat N.’ Their choreographed moves go along with the lyrics as they highlight their booties, face and figures before throwing their hands up and pretending to shoot a basketball. Cute girls! 

A Day In Our Life 

In a new vlog clip, Haley and Hanna share with us a day in their life. It starts off with one of them taking a bathroom selfie before showing what they eat for brekkie. From there they head to the gym and then the pool before they come back home to a surprise graduation party that their mama threw them. The party consists of their friends, food and they finish the night playing a bit of virtual golf. It looks like a fun day! 

Pickle Ball Babes

Haley And Hanna Cavinder

Wearing black shorts and matching yellow tank tops, the girls stand on a pickle ball court and pose with a ball in one hand and a paddle in the other. They’re both wearing aviator sunglasses and have their hair down. They look like they’re ready to play some serious game (and will probably win)!