Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Vero Buffone bikini

Vero Buffone is back with her famous backside! She recently shared some new bootylicious videos and they are driving her 3.5M TikTok followers wild…Let’s tune in to her rear views with these naughty social shares.

Vero Buffone’s Beachy Bottom

Like a perfect peach…Here is Vero rockin’ a barely-there bikini with her shiny cheeks aimed directly at the camera. She bobs up and down for a moment with a big smile before going down to her elbows. She starts to wiggle, but who ever is working the camera decides to ridiculously pan away, leaving fans wanting more.

Vero Buffone Showcases Her Rear To Superman Theme Song

In slow motion Vero climbs out of the vibrant blue pool water with her booty on full display. The Superman theme song is blaring as she get on all fours, and then crosses her ankles. She slowly lowers herself down onto her stomach as her lower half glistens in the sunlight.

Vero Buffone Give Full Body View

In this last video the camera starts hovering over the fluttering water and then slows pans over to where Vero is laying. The shot starts at her feet and slow continues up her body. She’s on her stomach which gives fans an excellent view of her entire backside. Water droplets cling to her skins as she sways back and forth.