Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Vero Buffone

Vero Buffone is a Brazilian TikTok sensation and OnlyFans favorite. She’s also an actress and booty-shaking hottie. She loves to make sexy crotch and booty videos and regularly uploads. Here’s a roundup of her latest clips: 

Who Wants A Spin In The Machine

Although the video is taken at night, Vero is lit up and kneeling on all fours by a pool. She’s got her butt facing the camera and she’s wearing an extremely small leopard bikini. Her legs are open and she’s slowly moving back and forth while a motor engine plays in the background. She captions the video ‘quien quiere una vuelta en la maquina,’ which translates to ‘who wants a spin in the machine.’ Sexy, sexy!

Peachy Views

Wearing the same tiny bikini, Vero is poolside again, on her knees with her booty facing the camera but this time she’s reaching for a green ball that fell into the pool. Her bikini bottoms are pulled right up her bum crack giving us a pretty good view of her bits and peachy cheeks.

Poolside Backside 

In the last video, Vero is laying on her belly by the pool. The video starts at her feet and spans upward – giving us a complete view of her entire backside. While she has an amazing trim figure, our eyes seem to stay fixed on her scrumptious booty as she slightly rocks it back and forth.