Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Vero Buffone

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for summer! And we know we aren’t the only ones!

If you’re a fan of Vero Buffone’s aka “verymilf” TikTok, you know that she loves to show off her perky booty, and we love her for it! 

Brazilian babe, Vero Buffone surprises us yet again with her perfectly toned body and booty! She took to TikTok this week with a few clips that had us drooling at the mouth. Take a look at what we mean!

Starting from her feet, the video creeps up in a slow motion to reveal sunbathing Vero giving a little shimmy of her round bottom. Don’t ask us the color of anything! LOL!


Much Needed Stretch

In another teasing clip, Vero takes a much needed stretch in what seems to be extra slo-mo video with her round derriere. As she props her booty to the sky, she finishes off with her classic subtle bounce!

“Shelf” said one fan

“Now that’s a work of art 🤣” said another 

We agree!


Sensual Shower

As if things couldn’t get any hotter, Vero decided to give her followers an extra treat taking a shower in her floral bikini so that we can see her backside in full glory: round and perfect in every way! 

Vero, are you giving this away for free? It’s amazing! We can’t even imagine what’s going on in her Only Fans account!


We think it’s safe to say we are ready to move on from sweater weather! Vero has us ready for bikini season!

vero buffone