Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Veronika Rajek

Model and Fashionnova ambassador Veronika Rajek is strutting her stuff in some new videos where she shows off some big boots, models a bikini and gets ready for the weekend. Let’s dive in:

Big Red Boots

The video starts off with Veronika sitting down in a black bikini top. She makes her fingers walk along the table, smiling at the camera. The shot pans out and shows tiny red doll shoes that she then fits onto the ends of her fingers. There’s a puff of smoke and then Veronika is shown wearing huge red shoes as she struts around in black tight shorts. The shoes are very oversized and are from mschf sneakers who sell these and other (more regular-sized) shoes. Veronika captions this video ‘Walking down the path and imagining the unthinkable is the way that makes dreams a reality #bigredboots.’ 

Zipper Fun

Veronika’s close to the camera and wearing an orange shirt that zips up. She’s got on cute gold, pink and orange hoops and looks at the camera as she slowly unzips the top. The camera pans out and we see that it’s not actually a top but a one-piece bikini. The zipper stops just below her chest and she looks like she can breathe better than when it was done up! She looks happy as she poses and smirks before she quickly zips it back up. 


Wearing a bright pink pantsuit that plunges in the front, Veronika’s got on big dark sunglasses, a purple purse and she’s holding a notebook of some kind. She’s being filmed coming up the escalators and the text over the video reads ‘that feeling when all the responsibilities get dumped on others on Friday.’  She then confidently struts toward us as she jiggles into the weekend stress-free!