Sun. May 28th, 2023
Victoria Valentina

Victoria Valentina enjoys a sweaty workout, the beach and dancing. In some new posts she shares all three of those things – taking us to the gym, through a little dance routine and models a bikini. Check her out:


Wearing pink tights and a matching sports bra, Victoria’s got her runners and cap on and is training hard at the gym. First, she’s pulling her legs up on a machine – working her abs, followed by some leg curls to work her glutes. The camera zooms in on her abs, boobs and booty throughout the video to show just how hard she’s working. Very impressive and we now know why she’s so bootylicious. 

He Wants Me Back 

Wearing a white tennis skirt and a matching halter bra Victoria’s got her hair straight as she confidently lip syncs to the song playing. She sings ‘he say that he don’t want me back but he be lying’ and we love her confidence – whether or not the lyrics ring true in her life.  

White Bikini 

Victoria Valentina

Posing sideways in a white bikini, Victoria has her hands at her side while looking at us. Her hair is falling in her face and she’s sticking out one knee to show off her long limbs and behind. Her sideboob is quite exposed and her skin looks very soft. Very sensual, Victoria!