Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Victoria Valentina

Victoria Valentina has some new TikTok videos where she’s dressed to impress, along with a behind the scene Instagram post of her most recent photo shoot. Let’s check out this badass babe:

I Arrive Like This

The video starts by showing the bottom of a long red dress; with two long slits running down each leg. As the camera slowly pans up we can see Victoria’s bare stomach and then her tiny red top as she puts her hands on her hips and looks playfully at the camera. She adjusts her skirt before leaning forward and grinning at us. She looks all dolled up and captions the video ‘POV: you invite me to dinner and I arrive like this.

Spicy Vibes 

In the same sexy red dress as the previous clip, Victoria starts the video leaned over with her one hip extended out. She lip-syncs a bit to the music playing before standing up and and modeling her look. She then adjusts her top and bends over – all while smiling and flirting with the camera. 

Beach Shoot 

Sharing some behind the scenes modeling footage, Victoria is leaning on the side of a lifeguard lookout wearing a black bikini with white trim. She sensually looks at the camera as she takes several poses showing off the bikini and her bust. The wind blows her hair over to one side and we can glimpse the photographer as he shoots her. She looks fantastic!