Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Victtória Medeiros

Brazilian beauty Victtória Medeiros recently celebrated a new Instagram milestone: 3M followers! She took to Instagram to share the news last week.

Victtória Medeiros Poses On The Beach At Night

This is the image Victtória Medeiros chose to use to celebrate reaching 3M followers on Instagram. Her bright white bikini matches the moon perfectly in this sexy nighttime shot. She posed right at the waters’ edge for this sultry snap. 

Victtória Medeiros Dotes On Rio de Janeiro

Here we see Victtória in a tiny animal print bikini. She captioned the photo with, “

Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful… 😮 💨” While the scenery is nice, I’m sure fans would agree that she is the most beautiful part of the picture. Her gorgeous dark hair almost blends in the with the night behind her. 

This post was a set of two pics. In the second image, Victtória decided to turn around for the camera, giving fans a lovely view of her backside. She gives a seductive smile while looking over her shoulder. Fans are loving it:

Simply beautiful I love you ❤️

“Good night pretty girl 😢😂”

“Your body is still beautiful!!! 💓 💓 👍”

“If there’s no one perfect 😮 that’s the closest to perfection 🙌”

Victtória Medeiros Wants To Take You To Heaven

In Victtória’s latest post, she’s decked out in an all silver, space-like outfit. She captioned the photos with, “Can I take you to heaven? 👩🏻 🚀👽✨” Her looks reminds us of the 1968 Sci-fi movie, Barbarella! We’re loving this futurist photoshoot. 

The hot pink background in these pictures create a fun contrast to Victtória’s shiny self! She’s giving everyone a front and back view of her body, and it’s out of this world! We’re excited to see what Victtória Medeiros posts next. In her Happy New Year post she said, “This year is ours!” and we believe it! Cheers to 2023 lady!