Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Victtória Medeiros

Victtória Medeiros is a Tiktok and Instagram influencer of Brazilian descent.  Currently boasting over 2.9M followers on Instagram, and just under 90M likes on TikTok.

Victtória Medeiros’ Dog Goes For The Crotch

In this video, accumulating over 10.5M views, Victtória is seen wearing a blue surfer girl inspired tank top and bikini bottoms.  Before the start of the video, you can see what appears to be a furry little white paw on her thigh.  If there are puppies around, you can almost always count on getting interrupted.  Medeiros pats her hand on her thigh, suggesting she’s inviting the pup to join in on the dancing.

While she’s seemingly being ignored by the pup to start, she continues on with her dancing, but her puppy decides to change its mind and photo bomb her attempt.  In a split second her Husky puppy jumps up headfirst and nips at her crotch, pulling away her bottoms a bit.  The shock on Victtória’s face is priceless!  With a quick giggle she attempts to continue as she turns to her side.

Covering her mouth as she laughs, with a look of amazement of what just happened, she gives us a turn to show her booty, then quickly cuts the video.  We just hope she’s ok and didn’t catch a tooth from the mishap.

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Victtória Medeiros Purrs In Feline Print Bikini

With over 15M views, this is one of Victtória Medeiros’ most popular barely there bikini videos.  Wearing a leopard print bikini that barely covers the bottom half of her ample breasts, Victtória shakes so well fans can’t decide whether to stare at her upper or her lower half.  We say just watch the video twice so you can soak it all in.  Shaking it all in a major way, she’s got that thigh gap that’s so nice. You can see her booty moving from the front, in between her juicy thighs.

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Victtória Medeiros Punishes In BDSM Attire

Whether you’re into bondage or just anything black, tight, and leathery, Victtória Medeiros is sure not to disappoint in this BDSM style outfit.  She jokingly does a “nanny-nanny boo-boo” with her hands at the sides of her head, all while sticking her tongue out through her luscious lips.  The end of the video shows the rear of her outfit, and her completely exposed right butt cheek.

Victtória Medeiros Scores

Victtória looks great in just about anything.  Wearing a cute little black soccer shirt and leopard panties, she flaunts her incredible butt while also showing off her amazing abs.  Fans of Victtória Medeiros can agree that any time this influencer turns to the side to showcase her shelf-like back arch, most will quiver with excitement!

Victtória Medeiros’ Thick Thighs Block Out The Sun

Standing on the beach with her back toward the camera, Victtória shows us just how thick she really is.  Slowly walking down the beach, fans can barely see any light pass between her thick, juicy thighs.  Turning back to smile at the camera, she gives a quick sexy look before extending her hand for the photographer to take hold.  Fans can only dream that they were the ones holding the camera in this video.  As Victtória Medeiros continues to provide content, we will be sure to make all attempts to keep you in the loop!