Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Victoria Medeiros

Victtória Medeiros is a Brazilian knockout with loyal followers on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. In her latest videos, she’s wearing bikinis and dancing around with her puppy! She has an amazing pear-shaped body and kind of a bad-ass attitude. Check her out: 

Puppies & Bikinis 

Wearing a leopard print bikini that goes high up her booty (letting us see her amazingly large but toned booty), Victtória is holding a puppy. The puppy is a furry husky and is almost as adorable as her. While holding it, she dances around slowly in a circle – giving us a complete view of her rump!

Snakes & Shakes

In this next clip Victtória is wearing a yellow sunflower bikini while holding up a toy snake for her puppy. The dog jumps up and tries to bite it. She smiles at the camera and has her hip out, giving us a nice look at her pear-shaped figure. Eventually, she tosses the toy and poses for the camera while lip-syncing and bouncing from side-to-side. 

Red Bikini Attitude

Victtória’s in a red bikini that wraps nicely around her toned body. Her ta-tas are almost falling out of the top and we get to see a lot of cleavage and upper boob as she dances around to the song playing. At one point, she revs her engine as if she’s driving a moto and then whirls around to shake her booty.