Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Dani Torres

Beach babe Dani Torres uploads some new bikini content along with a workout clip with her best friend. Let’s check her out: 

Bestie Challenge

The video starts off with Dani and her friend in a push up stance as they quickly bring one knee to their chest and then the other one for a few reps. After, they lift on leg up – working their booties before tapping each shoulder and lowering down to do a push up. They continue to do fast-paced moves completely in unison which makes it fun to watch. The best part though? We can see their glutes working hard – well done girls! 

Bikini Colleague 

In a fun video compilation, Dani puts together a bunch of bikini images overtop of an ocean background. It starts off showing her in a black string bikini before an overlapping image of her in a yellow string bikini appears. Then, in various poses, more overlapping images in her yellow bikini appear – creating a fun retro clip of her appearing around the screen. Mixed into the clip we also see Dani in a sexy red swimsuit and a leopard print one. Which one is your fav? 

Prancing Around On The Beach 

Wearing a sexy burgundy bikini that rides high on the bottoms, Dani poses in front of the ocean – fixing he left hair and adjusting her bottoms before slowly watching toward us. The bikini has a thin pieces of material that attaches one side of her bottoms to her top while the other side is open and looks like two separate pieces. We can see her curves and big thighs in all their glory and when she finally reaches us she smiles and spins around! She captions the video ‘I got my eyes on you.’