Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Franceska Fournier

Canadian model Francesca Fournier has some new bikini videos where she’s promoting some energy drinks and giving us some fun motivational reminders. Here’s a roundup of some recent posts:

Not Enough

Wearing a turquoise bikini, Franceska smiles on the beach holding an energy drink. She then walks toward us and looks off to the side smiling. The audio set to the clip says ‘whenever you miss me, just remember you had me and I wasn’t enough B.’ 

Time To Elevate

Showing off her stunning look and views, Franceska holds the camera above her as she poses in a black bikini with fluorescent pink and yellow outlines. She’s wearing a black bikini wrap over the bottoms and spins to show off her current apartment that overlooks a pool and a lake. The text on the video reads ‘You get tested the most when it’s time for you to elevate. Don’t Break.’ 

Cottage Vibes

Standing in a hot tub, Franceska’s wearing a colorful patterned bikini as she smiles with her energy drink before gulping it back. She then leans on the side of the tub, fixes her hair and looks over at the trees. She looks fit, toned and relaxed as she enjoys some cottage time.