Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Dani Torres

Fashion fanatic Dani Torres shares a comical, and impressive, new workout video along with some new summer looks. 


Wearing light green tights, Dani’s got on her running shoes and is giving it her all at the gym. We see her standing – with her back facing us – as she’s holding weights over her shoulder. She then starts squatting and slowly lifting. The text overlaying the video is in Spanish and translates to ‘me getting PR in the gym.’ The clip then switches to a clip from the kids movie cars where a car is cheering aggressively. The text reads ‘my boyfriend that’s always motivating and encouraging me!’ So, Dani’s PR is her boyfriend – adorable! 

Summer Outfits 

In this next video, Dani’s modelling a few new FashionNova outfits. She’s got on big golden hoops, some silver necklaces and her hair up in a pony. The first outfit is black tights and a matching tube top with material that bunches so it creates horizontal lines. The second outfit is a black skirt with a black bikini top and a light-green cover up that’s open in the front. Both outfits look breezy and stylish. 

Brown Set

Wearing her hair half up and half down, Dani’s got on large gold hoops and looks beautiful as she faces away from the camera. She’s modeling a brown skirt and matching top. The back of the top is completely open and when she turns around we see that, while the entire skirt and top are fitted. it’s got a loose piece of fabric that dangles over her stomach. She lip-syncs to the popular TikTok audio ‘Me? Obsessed with you? Yes!’