Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Yanet Garcia

If you don’t already know her Yanet Garcia was formally known as “The Mexican Weather Girl“, and she is HOT! She’s a Jane-of-all-trades that’s for sure…Not only was she a weather girl in her past life, she’s but also an actress (Sharknado 5 baby!), a model, an IIN-Certified Health Coach, TikTok influencer, Instagram sensation, and she has an OnlyFans! Whew! This gal has it all!

Yanet Garcia In Black Lingerie

Let’s start things off with a clean, classy look. Yanet Garcia in simple a simple black bra and panty set is pure fire. Paired with the bright white bedding and walls as her backdrop, her beauty stands like out like a dream come to life. This video alone has racked up 1.9M views and we can see why. Enjoy!

Yanet’s Lacey Bottom

Too bad Yanet’s so far away in this video! Wearing seemingly nothing but a barely-there lace body suit, Yanet leans against a large dresser. She sways her apple bottom back and forth to the music and we’re ALL squinting, trying to see what’s underneath that outfit! Her toned legs, perky rear and long wavy hair are a sight for sore eyes. Whoever is filming this is one lucky person!

Yanet Garcia Gets A Massage

Okay, forget what we just said about the person filming the last video being lucky…THIS woman is the lucky one! Here we see Yanet laying face down getting a massage. Thank you Yanet for deciding to film this and share it with the world!!! The video is only 12 seconds long unfortunately, but in that short time we get to witness the Masseuse working on Yanet’s ample left butt check. We’re all smiles as her fans, and even the Masseuse is clearly smiling in this one!

Weather Forecast: WET

In this last share, Yanet is in a red string bikini, navigating crystal clear water in the pool. “Cold Water” by Major Lazer is the song playing, and I’m sure we’re all feeling a little wet. Yanet makes her way over to the pool’s edge in this video and lifts herself up out of the water. Normally when influencers pop that booty up out of the water we only get to see it for a millisecond. Thankfully, Yanet knows what her fans want and gives us several seconds to watch in disbelief as her juicy peach drips. We’ll definitely be writing about Yanet Garcia again!