Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Jackie Love

In some new posts, Jackie Love bounces around for her fans. She’s no stranger to shaking and most of her uploads consist of her bouncing to funny voice-overs or sexy songs. She’s already got 40.6K likes on her latest video. Check them out: 

Free The Nipple

Jackie is in the bathroom wearing boxer briefs and a tiny white tank top. She’s got her signature glasses on and of course isn’t wearing a bra! The video starts with Jackie licking her teeth and then jumping up and down and then side to side. Not only do we see the outline of her nipples but we also see her round bosoms flop all over the place – it’s heavenly. 

Bathroom Bounces

Once again in the bathroom, this time Jackie is holding her phone up to record herself in the mirror. She’s wearing briefs and a light blue bra. Her massive melons are already so dreamy and impressive but then she starts hoping which sends them bouncing in all directions. Before the video cuts out Jackie looks sensually at the camera and then off to the right.  

Oiled Up With Hands Up

In the last video, we see Jackie sweeping outside in bell bottoms and a white bra. Her boobs are oiled up and the popular ‘Hey mom,’ TikTok audio starts. The boy in the audio continues to say ‘hands up’ and Jackie puts her hands up. He then says ‘drop your weapons’ and she jiggles up and down so her boobs rotate in circles while laughing as the boy says ‘ewww mom.’