Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

With 239.3K followers and more than 1.2M views, Katie Davis has followers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans. She’s 22, wild and always reminds her fans that she’ll do anything. She’s spunky and savage with a splash of nice. 

Spins And Jiggles 

This video starts off with Katie facing away from the camera. She quickly spins toward the camera and smiles. She’s wearing a thin, pink tank top and jumps up and down for the camera. We get to see her bosoms jiggle around too. She then spins in the opposite direction before the video ends. 

Jumps And Smiles 

In a similar video to the one above, Katie jumps into the screen view where she then jumps up and down a few times before jumping back out of view. She’s wearing a short jean skirt and a tiny t-shirt that’s she exploding out of. It’s hard not to look anywhere else but that those ta-tas. 

Big Juicy Lips

Katie shows off her voluminous lips up close and personal. The video is shot sideways and starts off by showing a close up of her big, juicy lips. Katie then takes her tongue and licks her upper lip flirtatiously before the camera zooms out and shows her shaking her hair while sitting on a bed. The entire video is very sexual!