Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sophia Blux

Sofia Blux has some new yoga videos where she’s wearing zebra printed shorts and a yellow bikini top. The top has wire underneath it so it really pushes her girls up! She also looks like she’s got on more makeup than usual. 

Yoga Shakes

In the first video, Sofia is bent down but holding herself up on her toes. Her knees are bent and she slowly opens them – putting herself into a lotus type pose. From there she bounces up once and then puts her hands behind her and extends her body up – giving herself a nice stretch while also showing us her legs, groin and booty. Her body shakes as she holds the pose. 

Balancing Act 

Similar to the last video, Sofia presses play and then is holding herself up on her toes while her knees are bent in front of her. Once again she slowly opens her legs only this time she smiles at us and brings her hands together in a prayer pose. She then falls a bit forward and gives us a big grin before sticking her tongue out. 

Tree Stretching 

In the last video, Sofia is using the tree for support as she has one leg on the tree and the other one on her mat. Her booty is facing us as she grabs her ankles and stretches deeply. She then puts her head down and we can see her looking at us upside down as she smiles.