Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Leah Van Dale – or better known as Carmella (her ring name) shares some fun backstage footage with fans along with a photo shoot and a recent shopping spree. Let’s check out this wrestler’s latest posts:

Vibing Backstage 

In backstage footage, we see Carmella decked out in gold necklaces and a black busty top. With her hair pulled up in a high bun, she’s adjusting her jewelry as the camera spans out to show her in a sexy wrestling singlet with black lace around her thighs. The video is in slow motion and she looks like she’s getting into her zone as she adjusts her hair, shows off her boots and gives us some sensual poses.  

Black Leather Look


Wearing black leather pants, a black leather bra and a matching black overcoat, Carmella  poses with one hip off to the side and one hand touching her face as she smiles at us. She’s got huge black high heel boots, several golden necklaces and her hair up in a fancy bun with two pieces falling over her face. She looks happy and captions the photo ‘eventually, everything connects 🖤.’ 

Styling Her Newest Outfits

Carmella’s in a huge walk-in closet as she models two new outfits. The first one is a white one piece that flares out at the bottom and has a halter top. It shows off her bare back and she pairs it with beige heels, a sombrero, oversized round glasses and a wicker bag. The next look is orange tights and a matching bra – paired with big orange and white sneakers and a matching race car themed jacket. She then throws on white sunglasses and a ball cap to complete the look.