Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Xanthe Schaub

Xanthe Schaub has 100K Instagram followers and about half of that on TikTok. She loves to model, dance and prance around in bikinis. She lives in Thailand and LA and posts regular content. 

Gym Content

Wearing green tights and a matching long-sleeve top, Xanthe is at the gym doing pull ups on a machine. Her strength is incredible as it shows her doing several pull ups in a row before the clip switches to show her doing the same but in a black outfit. It then goes back to her doing pull ups in the green look. No matter what she’s wearing, we can see her booty muscles and toned legs in action as she pumps up and down. 

Double Trouble 

Hanging out with a friend, Xanthe’s wearing a pink bikini top with a white string bikini bottom. The bottoms sit high on har waist – exposing her bare thighs, while the top squeezes her watermelons. Her friend is wearing a one-piece blue swimsuit that rides high. Together, they lip-sync to the popular TikTok trend ‘me obsessed with you? Yes!’ and then turn around in unison to show off their behinds. Afterward, Xanthe does a little extra dance as her friend walks off screen. She captions the video ‘Yes.’

Red Bikini

Showing off her incredible fit body, Xanthe is wearing a red bikini. The bottoms have thick sides but ride high up her hips and the top perfectly holds up her girls. We can see her belly button ring as she looks at the camera and starts posing – she shows us the front, the back and adjusts the bottom and top while modeling.