Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Yaffle The Owl

If you haven’t meant Yaffle the Owl yet, then you’re in for a special treat! Yaffle is a burrowing owl who lives with other rescue animals, and has quite the social following. He’s a HOOT!

Owl Tune

In this first video a bunch of photos are clipped together so that it looks like Yaffle is singing along to the song that’s playing. The creation is perfectly timed, and is making us all laugh with its accuracy. Sing on, Yaffle!

Baked Bean 

In this next video, Yaffle is posing to match the audio that says ‘Oh my god, you’re so tall, you look like a giraffe.’ Then we see a different owl that responds with: ‘That’s why you dead built like a BAKED BEAN.’ Then Yaffle angrily responds ‘A BAKED BEAN?’ and leans forward. 

A Thousand Miles 

Yaffle quickly walks toward us to the beat of the song ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton. Once he gets closer to the camera he makes several attempts to pick up a mealworm before finally succeeding and chomping it down. Adorable! We love seeing Yaffle strut his stuff!