Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Kitana Young

Kitana Young is stretching, flirting and sharing some of her yoga routine in some playful new videos. Which ones are your favorite? 

Grey Tease 

Wearing a long grey onesie Kitana stands in front of us and sensually dances. First she rubs her manicured hands up her sides and over her chest before pulling off her straps as if she’s about to get undressed. But then – she quickly covers herself up and shakes a finger at us while smiling. 

Lower Back Exercise 

Wearing black booty shorts and a loose tank top, Kitana is standing with her back to the camera. She puts her hands on the wall in front of her and leans her chest up against the wall – which makes her butt stick out. She leans in a bit further for a deeper stretch and captions the photo ‘this exercise takes care of the lower back.’ 

Downward Dog 

In light pink yoga shorts and a black t-shirt, Kitana starts the video on her hands and knees. She sways back and forth a bit before pushing up into downward dog. From here she continues to pulse back and forth. We never see her face and have a complete shot of her kitty. Well done!