Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Sian is a yoga fanatic who loves to share her progress as she bends, twists and stretches. She has 45.3K Instagram followers, and her TikTok videos have received more than 5 million likes! What do fans love about her? She’s always stretching in tiny shorts or underwear; check her out for yourself: 

Rear Squats 

Sian captions this video ‘working on my energy’, and it starts off with her bent over – her butt facing the camera. She’s in downward dog and bends down into a squat pose before coming back up and extending her left leg up into the air. Since she’s wearing small pink shorts the entire sequence gives us a front row seat to her booty and crotch. 

Resistance Bands Mishap 

In this next video Sian is on all fours with her booty facing the camera. She’s got a resistance band around her knees and foot, and lifts her leg up and down working her peachy bum and thighs. We get a glimpse of it all, including her crotch. Unfortunately, her resistance band slips off and that’s when the video cuts out. 

Crab Position

This time Sian is in a crab position so that her back is facing the ground and her hands and feet are keeping her up. She moves her butt up and extenders her leg upward and rocks it back and forth. Not only does it look difficult but we get to see her bits moving around in action as her barely there shorts don’t cover much.