Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Pia Sweet

Pia Sweet is back with some new “stretchy girl next door” videos! This fitness and yoga guru is blowing up on TikTok. Her latest post already has 1.9M views! Let’s a take a look at some of her fresh content. Let the drooling begin!

Sun For Vitamin D

Wherever Pia lives, it’s making us miss summer. She’s constantly filming outdoors, and in little clothing, so she must be somewhere warm! Here we see Ms. Sweet working on her flexibility in the sun. She says it’s to get her vitamin D. In ruffled booty shorts, she lines up with her perky peach facing the camera giving fans the best view. She does a few quick stretches before the video ends.

Pia’s Panty Flash

This panty flash is totally on purpose, and we’re not mad at it! Here we see Pia outside again, but this time in a more public place. Rocking her shades, white tank top, and loose frilly shorts, Pia is preparing for her flexibility routine. While looking at the camera she brings her foot out from underneath her cheeks, and in doing so gives fans a quick, calculated flash of what’s inside those shorts. She shifts onto her knees, once again putting her rump square into the lens for us to share at. Thanks, Pia!

Your Stretchy Girl Next Door

Pia Sweet is rocking zebra print in this impressive video. She says that this move is good for “spagat”, or “the splits” as it’s known in English. Pia lifts her leg straight up into the air with ease, and then straightens her other leg out to the side. As she opens wide, she gives a seductive smirk to the camera and a yummy crotch shot to fans. We definitely wish she lived next door to us!