Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Anna Cangussu

Is there anyone more stunning than Anna Cangussu? The Brazilian model shakes around for her fans in some new flirtatious videos. It’s hard to believe she’s only 19!


Wearing a white bikini top that has a heart-shaped clasp in the front, the video starts off with Anna facing the camera with her mouth open, playing with her hair. The bottom of her right boob is peeking out. In grey panties, she sways her body left to right – really moving her hips. She then bites her lips, spins around and booty pops. It’s divine. 

Cheeky Underboob

In the same outfit as above (with her right underboob still showing), Anna bites her bottom lip, winks at the camera, puts her hands on her head and then shakes her hips quickly before slowing down and rocking back and forth. Her small boobs jiggle while she dances and just before the video ends she turns around and shakes her perfectly toned booty right and left. 

White Silhouette

Anna is wearing a long white dress with no bra on. She’s standing in front of a mirror taking the video herself as she models her amazing figure. The back is completely open so we can see her bare back and quite a lot of side boob. Her booty also pops in the dress and looks round and delicious. She smiles and dances throughout the clip.