Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Julia Rose

Beauty queen Julia Rose is an Instagram hottie with a loyal fan following from her reality TV days. While she uploads tons of sexy photos, she’s got a few videos that also leave just drooling. Check out our recent favs: 

Don’t Look At My Boobs

Julia’s sitting down wearing black sport shorts and a sexy long-sleeved, wrap-around crop top. Her twins are pushed up and look like huge round watermelons. Her partner (who’s behind the camera) is talking to her about being Capricorns. He also zooms in on her cans and she catches him saying ‘are you looking at my boobs?’ They then have a playful argument which has him saying ‘don’t wear that shirt if you don’t want me to look at your boobs.’ Julia then playfully unwraps her shirt and starts taking it off. While we get a glimpse of her bra, unfortunately the video cuts out shortly after. 

Split Personality Mucking Around

In this funny clip, Julia is turned to one side and is wearing a ball-cap backwards with a beard drawn on her face. She’s lip-syncing to Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow. When she’s singing Kid rock’s part she shows the side of the face with the beard, and then when she’s singing Sheryl’s part she turns her head (someone rips off her hat) and is her normal sexy self. The video is cute and fun and she’s wearing a low cut halter top so we get to see her tanned cleavage and ta-tas the entire time. 

Bathroom Selfie 

Julia Rose

Taking a sexy bathroom selfie, Julia is wearing a white tank top with no bra on and plaid pyjama shorts (with no undies on)! Her shorts are pulled down low and we almost get a crotch shot. It’s simple, sexy and makes us wish we were waking up (or going to bed) with her.