Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Laura Sahar

Laura Sahar is from Colombia and knows how to shake! While lots of her videos are focused on booty poppin’, she also jiggles her natural boobs here and there. With an OnlyFans account and 4.8M followers on TikTok, Laura promises to please. 


Wearing a white T-shirt and almost see-through white shorts, Laura pulls her hair to the side and then turns around and starts twerking. She twerks so hard that her cheeks are really flying up and down, giving us an amazing view of her bootylicious behind.

Juicy Cheeks 

In almost see-through panties and a similarly thin bra, Laura slowly shakes her booty in front of the camera while looking back at us. She then starts to booty pop a bit faster before picking her undies out of her bum and shaking again. 

Soft Cans 

Leaning over with her natural boobs exposed, wearing the same thin undies and bra, Laura shakes her boobies for the camera and then twirls around sensually shaking her butt. She sways it back and forth and then goes into a deeper booty shake. Her bum is so juicy!