Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Mila Sobolov

Mila Sobolov is getting down and dirty once again, this time in a series of saucy Instagram uploads. While each video is of Mila doing yoga at home, they all focus on her box, and she doesn’t shy away. Let’s dive in: 

Coochie Pose 

In tight white panties, Mila is filmed from the back while getting into a deep puppy pose (a combination of downward dog and child’s pose). Her chest is flat to her mat and her legs at 90° angle. While we are stoked for her progress, we can’t take our eyes off her coochie as it’s spread out the entire time. We can even see her lady lip outlines through the shorts. 

Snail Pose 

In the second video, Mila is wearing the same white shorts, only this time she’s in snail pose – which has her shins on the ground and her head bent back between her knees. This makes her crotch and booty very visible as they’re left sticking out. We can see the outline of her lunch box and her small booty is spread open as she stretches deeper.  

Puppy Pose 

Once again practicing puppy pose, Mila’s now in a pink mini-shirt and white top as the camera pans down her body and then rotates around to get a close-up of her exposed crotch. We can see the outline of her vag and she’s got her legs spread out pretty far. She looks back at the camera erotically before it cuts.