Sun. May 28th, 2023
Sofia Blux

Sofia Blux has some new yoga videos where she’s incorporating exercise bands, along with a rare non yoga bikini post. Let’s check out our favorite yogi: 

Clearing Her Mind 

Sofia’s on all fours on her yoga mat with an exercise band around her thighs. She wastes no time and immediately stretches one leg to the side before stretching it back and to the side again. Although we never see her pretty face, we can see her glutes working in all their glory! She captions it ‘did you know that stretching can clear your mind?’

Yoga Bands

In this next video, Sofia convinces her fans to try and incorporate yoga bands into their workouts. She demonstrates this by leaning back on her yoga mat, sitting on her bum but holding herself up with her arms. She has the exercise bands around her thighs and she pulls her knees in and out giving herself a deep stretch. 

Soaking Up The Sun

Sofia Blux

In a rare non-yoga post, Sofia is lounging by the pool in her leopard print bikini. She’s got no make up on and has one hand through her hair. She looks natural and tanned, and we love to see this relaxing side of her!