Sun. May 28th, 2023
Victoria Valentina

Victoria Valentina has some new nighttime posts where she shares her sexy dance moves. When she’s not dancing, fans can find her at the gym. Here’s a roundup of her latest posts:

Club Dancing 

In this first video Victoria’s at the club and dancing to the music. She looks fabulous in a see through black belly top with long sleeves. We can see her sparkly bra underneath and she’s paired it with black pants. She bumps and grinds, and looks like she’s having the time of her life! 

Girls Night 

Wearing all white, Victoria starts the video lip-syncing with two friends behind her; both also in white tops and jeans. As soon as the beat starts to repeat itself they step back and go into a choreographed dance that ends with some booty shaking!

Workout Selfie 

Victoria Valentina

Before she headed out to party, it’s likely Victoria spent her afternoon at the gym. In an IG post, Victoria takes a gym selfie in pink shorts and a matching workout bra, along with weight lifting gloves. She’s got on white runners and high white socks, and bends one knee to pose.