Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Pia Sweet

If you’re a fan of yoga, stretching, or up-close crotch shots then you’re going to love this one.  Super stretchy Pia Sweet is a fitness model with special skills!

Pia Sweet’s Crotch Gobbles Up Her Bottoms In This Video

This first video is what Pia is all about.  She is baring it all to the camera, booty first! Her thong bikini bottom is the perfect piece to put her peach on full display for fans.

Pia Sweet Flaunts Her Stretchiness Poolside

Red lifeguard shorts with white piping is exactly what Pia needed in this video to highlight that rear end! Across the back it says, “Miami Peach” and now we’re all wishing we were residents of Florida! She lifts her leg high into the air doing donkey kicks, and we’re loving the view…

Pia Sweet Shows Off Her Moose Knuckle Up Close

Pia shows us her warm up for flexibility in this video, and we finally get to see her face! She quickly grabs an ankle and start to lift her leg giving unbelievable views. While her lady lips are the main focus here, we also enjoy seeing her toned abs and cute belly ring.

Pia Sweet Suns Her Lady Taco

In this video Pia shows us a pose and tells us it’s called asanas v.  We aren’t exactly sure what that means, but we can tell you that we won’t be attempting it.  Pia looks better doing it anyway. It definitely looks like it would be a nice way to sun her tidbits if she lost the bikini.

Pia Sweet’s Buttocks Jiggle In Full Stretch

This video is one of our favorites.  Pay close attention to her butt when she adjusts her feet, and you’ll see that juicy wiggle in full stretch.  Pia Sweet also has an OnlyFans account where she posts extreme adult content that others wouldn’t dare.  Go check it out and you’ll see what we mean!